Daggerport was once a simple fishing and trading port, but in recent years, especially with the influx of refugees from the cataclysm, it has grown to be a large, shady city of thieves.


Originally named for a pointy rock formation, Daggerport was a small port town of around 500 residents at the mouth of the river Ald. The sleepy town saw an increase in activity when the rock formation was discovered to enhance magic, and a wizard academy was founded on the opposite bank of the river. While the academy mostly kept to itself, the town grew bit by bit, with shady types also using the port for smuggling and black market trading. Ever since the cataclysm, however, Daggerport has been flooded with refugees, and the city started bursting with urban sprawl and shanty towns spreading inland. The population rose dramatically, bringing with it poverty, crime, and the rise of local thieves’ guilds.


Daggerport covers both banks of where the Ald river flows into the sea on the western coast of Pereth. The larger portion, along with the oldest part of town and the main port, are located on the southern bank, whereas the northern bank has the eponymous dagger with the wizard academy and magic district. Connecting the two parts is a massive bridge that forms its own district and is tall enough to allow ships to pass underneath it.


Daggerport is split into various districts, each with it’s own traits and characteristics. Politically, the city is split into a handful of wards, which don’t always line up with the districts, but other than which guardhouse, if at all, is responsible for which ward, there is little legal difference. The districts, however, are split up by what kinds of people and houses one might find there, sort of like different personalities. The city is commonly said to have seven districts.

Civic District
This used to be the old center of town, and it is still the place where the Lord Mayor’s mansion and other administrative buildings are situated. It is the most well-guarded district, and also contains the houses of some of the aristocracy as well as temples. This is the safest district, though the guards are generally suspicious of anyone who looks like he doesn’t have business in the area – or worse, might be planning something shady.

Port District
The port district covers both the actual port for cargo ships, as well as the fisherman’s wharf, but since both wards flow into one another, and are almost indistinguishable past the first row of houses, to most people, the whole thing is just the port. The riverfront is relatively safe, with many city guards and hired mercenaries protecting cargo, but the back alleys tend to be dangerous to those who look out of place. There are many taverns and cheap shops for a bit of local trade.

Magic District
Across the river of the main portion of the city lies the magic district, so named because of the academy that is built here. The district grew around it, accommodating the various needs magic users and scholars might have. As such, this district has a high density of book stores, magic shops, alchemists, and other such fare. The magic district tends to run itself, governed by the academy, and as such, it is very safe, especially since most shops and houses also hire private guards and install various mundane and magical safety measures.

Bridge District
The bridge district connects the two banks of the river Ald. It is the only bridge in the city, as it had to be built large enough for ships to pass. It has several rows of houses built on it, and due to it’s rather secluded nature and the ease with which travelers through it can be controlled, most of the city’s rich people live in it. It also has fine shops, restaurants, and other places the upper classes might find necessary.

Market District
Forming the center of the city, the market district spreads itself over the main thoroughfare leading south from the port. It is home to various market places, simple taverns, and a large variety of shops and craftsmen buying from and selling to the various travelers and caravans moving to and from the city.

Red Light District
Nestled between the port and the market district, this is the most notorious of all districts. While the outer fringes and larger streets contain the standard fare of exotic restaurants or brothels, the back alleys teem with crime and other shady dealings. More than one thieves’ guild has a headquarters somewhere in this district.

Sprawling outward upstream of the rest of Daggerport, this section of Daggerport is as large as the rest of the city put together. It is here where the majority of refugees make their living, and over the years, it has formed its own economy of simple craftsmen, boarding houses, taverns, and junk traders. Guards rarely ever patrol here, but there are groups of peacekeepers who move through the district. Crime is relatively common, despite most people having close to nothing worth stealing.


Daggerport currently has about 12000 inhabitants, most of them refugees from the surrounding area. While there are more humans compared to any other humanoid race individually, the city has a colorful mix of various different races, all trying to carve out a living.

Important People

Even though the city is so large, there are a handful of people most everyone in the city will have heard of at one point or another.

Lord Mayor Cadmus Postopoulos
The Lord Mayor is the nominal leader of Daggerport, appointed by the Magistros of the county Skias. It is said that he is a stern but fair man, though few people ever get to meet or even see him. While he in turn appoints people to the various administrative positions and oversees the guards and armed forces of the city, people have long realized that he does not control the city as much as he would like to. The aristocracy, merchant houses, thieves’ guilds, and possibly other groups hold just as much power, maybe even more.

Buros Kekelithos, academy headmaster
Little is know about this man by those who don’t study or work at the academy. It’s unclear how long he has been the headmaster, but it must have been long enough for his name to spread to the commoners’ ears. Just how much power he holds outside of the academy, only those up top will know.


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