Regen is the easternmost of the four kingdoms, and the most secluded one. It borders Kavard and Larayn to the west.


Regen was ruled by a powerful magocracy led by a wizard king. The emphasis on magic meant that Regen’s capital, Gathburk, had two of the the best academies for aspiring wizards. Study in Regen focused much on necromancy, seen by many as a misunderstood school of magic. Regen had little trade relations with the other nations, dealing mostly with iron found in its eastern mountain range, as well as magic items; this has made Regen very rich.

The mastery of Regen’s mages in necromancy also allowed it to keep a relatively cheap and large army, and also lead to certain views on death and the dead that seem alien to others. However, this large amount of necromantic energy also led to Regen’s downfall when the cataclysm struck the kingdom: Large portions of the populace were turned into undead, and Gathburk became a necropolis. Regen quickly became known as a dangerous, fallen land, and its isolation became much more enhanced since.

Political Situation

Currently, Regen has no real ruler. Undead wabands and armies run by generals and warlords roam the countryside, constantly involved in various skirmishes and unstable alliances. Some of the more powerful ones control certain locations and areas, but most are just roving bands of troublemakers.

The Necropolis has become something of a neutral zone, a great bastion where the most powerful of the undead lords meet, where trade still goes on, where mercenaries are hired, or where those who want to stay out of all the unrest seek refuge.

The remaining humans have fled to Castle Black in the south and have barricaded themselves in there. While they are not at outright war with the undead, there are uneasy truces at best, and the arrival of a militant branch of the church of Helior has made the peace even more perilous, to the chagrin to many of the inhabitants of the castle.

Sites of Importance
  • The Necropolis to the north, the old capital, is a neutral zone where travelers can expect a measure of safety and protection.
  • Castle Black has always been a powerful fortress, and has only been enhanced since the human survivors took refuge there.
  • The ruins of an old tower guard a rather accessible entrance into the Underdark. It stopped being used ever since the drow city near it was destroyed, and raids became rare.
  • The Forest of the Impaled is a gruesome place, where there are tens of thousands of people impaled on pikes. For some reason, none of the corpses here was awakened by the necromantic energies, but they also rot very slowly.


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