House Rules

Character Creation

  • Characters start at level 3.
  • Any race and class is allowed, with any optional racial features or class archtypes.
  • Every character receives 78 (6 × 13) stat points to distribute.
  • Every character gains 3 extra skill points, which must all be put into a single craft or profession skill that represents the job he/she has been doing up to now.
  • Every character receives two traits, one of which must be a campaign trait that ties the character’s background into the opening plot.
  • Every character starts with 3000 gp worth of gear and cash. No single item may be worth more than half of that (1500 gp). Ask me first about any magic items you want to buy.

Character Background

A the start of the campaign, every character has been a resident of Daggerport for at least a while, along with a more or less normal job and social connections. As such, everyone must submit a character background with at least this information:

  • Origin of the character
  • Arrival/Life in Daggerport
  • 1 NPC contact in the city
  • Character hook that ties into the campaign story (in the form of the campaign trait)

Personality Traits and Flaws

Everybody gets to pick up to 2 Traits or Flaws (combined). Traits give a bonus along with a small penalty, whereas flaws give a penalty in exchange for a feat. A list of traits can be found here
Note: These traits are not the same type of character traits from the Pathfinder system itself. Those give a flat bonus, and you pick one normal trait and one campaign trait from those.

List of Flaws

House Rules

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