Negra was the cook of a privateer group. Self taught in reading, Negra is considered quite smart among his seafaring peers. One of the members Negra will miss is Bogra, a half-Orc who taught Negra the skill in rope making as well as birds handling.

Negra was left without a place to go after his former peers were all hanged. Thanks to the cooking skills Negra acquired he found a job in one of the port district’s inns. These days, Negra doesn’t stand out too much, preferring to stay in the kitchen in his own little world.

Except when Negra is out on the street in the night, then he’s doing some killing. Negra loves to kill, a habit from his old life, and he cooks what he kills. For a while, none of the inn patrons are aware what is actually served on the plates. Then the inn owner became suspicious and Negra had to get rid of him. To Negra, the inn cooked nicely.

Once again Negra is without a home, but unlike the last time Negra has money now and has skills to sell.


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